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At Silva’s Deli, we understand that it’s all about the flavor. With family recipes handed down from generation to generation, we bring you freshly baked goods on a daily basis.
Serving both breakfast and lunch, we offer pastries fresh out of the oven all throughout the day.

Explore the sweet side of Middle Eastern food with our collection of freshly prepared pastries, sweets, and desserts. A perfect ending to any meal.
Spicy Hummus
It doesn't get much spicier! This dish won't disappoint.
Falafel Starter
A deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both.
Levantine dish of eggplant, mashed and mixed with virgin olive oil and season.

Ask about catering services for your next event.  
It's a unique flavor that you can't find anywhere else.
Delicious assortments served fresh daily.

FROM Lebanon

  • Spicy Hummus
  • ​Fattoush Salad
  • Falafel Starter
  • Babagannush
  • Fresh Kebbe
  • ​Spinach Pie 
  • Cheese Pie ​
  • ​Meat Pie​​